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THE COMPANY are an organisation based in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. Our aim is to produce high energy musical and visual performances to audiences in both the UK and Europe featuring forward facing Brass Instruments, Marching and Concert Percussion and a dedicated Dance and Movement section

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THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance EnsembleThursday, June 4th, 2020 at 9:18pm
To finish off our review of 2017 we are happy to share our Drum Corps Europe Championship performance

The 2017 season was an amazing experience from start to finish with an excellent Staff and Support team and a fantastic Cast who took on board everything we put in front of them

A season full of highs and a few lows saw THE COMPANY finish the year as DCUK : Drum Corps United Kingdom Champions, Drum Corps Europe Champions, Drum Corps International International Class Champions, we also finished in 8th place at the Open Class Championships and then went to the World Class Prelims against the very best Drum Corps in the World and finished a very creditable 30th overall

In addition to this we took home the Best in Class and Best in Show at the SoundSport World Championships at PanAm Plaza in Indianapolis and Semi Finalists in the DrumLine Battle Championships

The 2017 DCI Tour was a huge undertaking for the group and we had an amazing time and did ourselves proud both on and off the field of competition

We will be moving to another season next but which one?? let us know what you would like us to cover next
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
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THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
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THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance EnsembleTuesday, June 2nd, 2020 at 9:03pm
As we start to finish up our reviews from our 2017 Season, this was our final performance of our Drum Corps International Tour, the Soundsport International Music & Food Festival at Panam Plaza, Indianapolis on DCI Finals morning

As well as learning our 10 minute Drum Corps show "TOMORROW Its Just Around the Corner" we also learned a 6 minute Soundsport production entitled "Wild Things" using original music by our Music Director Andrew Markworth

We have previously used much of this music in our 2013 Drum Corps Show "Circle of Life"

The whole reason for entering Soundsport was to allow the members to have a great time and just perform and enjoy themselves at the end of a busy and tough 14 day tour

Being honest this project wasn't without problems and finding the time to put the visual program together was a challenge in the lead up to us leaving for the USA,mainly due to the poor weather in the UK that year and us having to prioritise the main Drum Corps Show

This was further compounded with the schedule once arriving in the USA, which was all a learning curve for the group and this meant we literally put the majority of the show together on the morning of the show thanks to Daniel Gannaway-Pitts and his team

Although it isn't polished to the normal CO standard the members had a amazing time and we had an awesome crowd response and was exactly what everyone needed to finish off a memory packed few weeks

One of the highlights of the whole tour was DCI Legend Steve Rondinaro presenting the group with the "Best in Class" Award for groups over 50 members and we also took home the top "Best in Show Award" which was a fantastic resolution to a brilliant day

On behalf of Director Mark Nicholson and the CO Trustees we want to thank every single Person, School, Company and Organisation who helped make our 2017 Drum Corps International Tour so successful we could not of done this without you guys

Please enjoy our 2017 Soundsport production "Wild Things"
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance EnsembleMonday, June 1st, 2020 at 8:03pm
We've put together a playlist of source music that has inspired THE COMPANY over the years - from our favourite ballads to the quirky pieces we've thoroughly enjoyed performing. There's some surprises in there too that some of you may not know were worked into the arrangements!

Some pieces are purely inspiration, some have developed into full arrangements - shows how incredibly creative our friend Andrew Markworth is.


THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance EnsembleSaturday, May 30th, 2020 at 9:24am
CO17 DCUK WOKING Front Ensemble Prep "Movt.3"
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble