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THE COMPANY are an organisation based in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. Our aim is to produce high energy musical and visual performances to audiences in both the UK and Europe featuring forward facing Brass Instruments, Marching and Concert Percussion and a dedicated Dance ad Movement section

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THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance EnsembleThursday, August 24th, 2017 at 8:39am
We are aware our friends from Kidsgrove Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps are now rehearsing in the USA ready for their first show this coming weekend and we wish them all the best out there, we want to give them respect by not posting for a few days and give them the freedom to engage the public and fill everyone's timeline especially over here in the UK - we are all excited to see and hear how they get on

We did want to post one final video for now from our 2017 Drum Corps International Tour which has given us all chills and is a perfect reminder of an amazing time and how fantastic all the groups were - thank you DCI and everyone who made our tour such a special one


Go Kidsgrove we will be cheering you on at Drum Corps Associates Championships
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
2017 DCI World Championships Montage
What a year! Congratulations to the Blue Devils on their 18th DCI World Championship title and congratulations to all of the performing corps at the 2017 DCI...
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
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THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble is feeling inspired at Lucas Oil Stadium.Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 at 2:09pm
We have had thousands of photos taken of our fantastic DCI Tour but this one really sticks out

This is 15 year old Tom Whiteley who is in just his second year at CO and is our Synth 2 player, Tom has responsibilities for all our narration triggers and scene changes as well as playing his synthesiser and backing up Kirsty White our Synth 1

We talked a lot at DCI about every member of the group communicating with the audience and capturing the moment

In this photo Tom is having the show of his life at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of World Class Judges with all the pressure of the world on his shoulders and he is smashing out of the park with tears in his eyes

Powerful stuff and goes to show age has no boundaries in this wonderful activity

Well done Tom you are awesome
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble added 9 new photos.Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 6:07am
Hi all,

Here's some photos from our pack down of the equipment, which involved stripping down all the flags so that guard equipment could be donated to West Milford High School and Avon Lake High School. West Milford also took the 'CO'rner props and spare bass drum heads.

We also had representatives from Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation and Volunteers of America who took most of the bedding - arranged through the Mayors office of Indianapolis. These charities couldn't take anymore so Rhythm X kindly took the final few sets of bedding.

We are glad that we could help other groups and organisations - but we also glad that these groups could receive from us as we could have been left with a headache, of what to do with 150 airbeds...
THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble
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