THE COMPANY Performance Ensemble are proud to announce our new venture:

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We have come out of the back of a difficult few months which culminated in the Ensemble losing our home at Heritage High School in Clowne due to changes in the Trust that run the School

THE COMPANY had been based at Heritage High School since 2016, we stored 2 x 40’ Containers on site together with our 3 Vehicles (18 Ton CO1, 7.5 Ton CO2, 3.5 Ton Catering Vehicle CO3)

All our Winter rehearsals were at the School and the Ensemble stayed overnight at the School during our Season

We had an incredibly close relationship with the Headmaster, Business Manager and especially the Caretaker and treated the School with absolute respect

Unfortunately the Trust decided that they wanted a change in all Lettings through the School and made it very clear we were not part of their plans moving forward

This forced us to take the difficult decision to take the 2019 Summer Season out despite having a full group, a fantastic product and plans in place for the DCUK and DCE season

The lack of a permanent home and the logistics of having to find new Head Quarters and also rehearsal facilities so close to the start of 2019 DCUK season left the CO Board of Trustees with no option but to do their duty and protect the best interests of the Charity in making a very difficult decision

The Trustees have worked diligently and spent the last few months securing a new Head Quarters and we have moved all our equipment and vehicles to this new secured site

We have assessed all options open to our organisation and this has allowed us to really look at the increasing difficulties in finding outdoor rehearsal venues which will cater for all the needs of the group

The great British weather which has been a perennial foe for any Marching Ensemble and is highlighted even further due to the increasing use of electronics, amplification and our members safety and well being has to be taken into account as well as protection of our significant investment in that equipment

The changing face of the European Drum Corps activity has also played a part in our decision, we will continue to have an incredibly close relationship with Drum Corps United Kingdom and support all the Ensembles taking part in the Summer Activity

We feel we need a change and to move to a new arena and a new challenge

WGI Winds is a perfect fit for CO as it will allow us to utilise every facet of the Ensemble

WGI Winds allows us to have a Brass Line, Marching Battery, Front Ensemble and Colour Guard

In essence it’s CO Indoors and that is something that excites us for the future

The shorter season is also a positive and we will forge new and closer relationships with WGUK, CGN, WGI

Please register your interest below for our new venture. We will be in contact with further information shortly!

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